Myth War II

Survive in a dimension devastated by the gods



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Myth War II is a free-to-play multiplayer RPG where you dive into a fantasy world dominated by four main races. To play you have to choose one for your character in the beginning.

There are centaurs, who are powerful archers among other things; humans, who are particularly good thieves and paladins; mages, who are a mix of human and centaur; and Borgs, half-human and half-robot creatures created by the first beings.

Once you create your character, the best thing you can do is look for friends to set out on the adventure with you. You can play on your own if you want, but to make your character stronger what you really need to do is complete missions, which are designed ideally to play in groups.

As you level up, you can also improve your skills and get new items to customize your character and even improve your pet, who is likely to save your life in combat more than once.

Myth War II is a really entertaining game with colorful graphics and a retro 2D style that works perfectly on any computer you might use.
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